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Why you should come to James and What makes me different

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James W. Dunn LMBT#8771


Been giving Massages for over 40 years (1973)Neck, Shoulder and Back rubs . First Formal training was in 1994,  My training to become licensed was in 2008. In massage school training was in Therapeutic Russian Medical Massage by a Russian M.D., This type of massage is flexible and is customized by the client to fulfill their therapeutic wants and needs. 

This Choreographed use of Techniques and muscle Assessment uses the basic strokes of classical massage, changing them so each stroke provides the client with the least invasive and most comfortable treatment. 


Russian Medical Massage, the V- method;  RMM is a clinical and physiological treatment used for many reasons.  These reasons include muscle or movement disorders, tiredness and fatigue, myalgia (muscle pain), emotional and physical stress, headaches and more.  This type of massage therapy is strictly based on anatomical structure and physiology of the human body.  The RMM is unique because it includes so many different therapeutic modalities including Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, pressure-point treatment, deep tissue, reflexology, and others!  The V-method presents a combination of different hand manipulations in a particular sequence.  (Techniques used are Proprietary)


 This massage is not a painful experience and in no way should it ever be confused with a SPA Massage (petting your cat or dog with oil or lotion).


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